How to setup a custom modpack

*Note: You can either install a custom modpack manually, free of charge, or you can purchase our Custom Modpack Installation addon from your client area under 'My Services'

To install a custom modpack, whether it be FTB or Tekkit:


1. Download all of the files associated with the modpack: For FTB: For Tekkit:

2. Use an ftp client such as FileZilla to access your server files.

3. Drag all of the files and folders associated with the modpack download, into the main root directory of your server files. You will need to unzip the downloaded file first.
4. Create a folder called 'jar' (if one isn't already present) and drag the main .jar file associated with the modpack into the jar directory you created. For Tekkit default 'Tekkit.jar' and 'minecraft_server.jar' for FTB Unleashed 'ftbserver.jar'
5. Login to your multicraft control panel and select from the mod-drop down menu the modpack you are using.
6. Start your server.

For further advice and assistance regarding a custom modpack installation, please submit a support ticket here.

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