How to install Bukkit Minecraft Plugins

*Note: You will need either the craftbukkit or spigot modpack installed onto your server, in order to run bukkit plugins. For a tutorial, click here.

You can further use the Bukget feature on your multicraft panel to install bukkit plugins with a few simple clicks.

Here is a simple step-to-step tutorial on how to maximize your gameplay experience by using a variety of plugins from bukkit.

We first recommend that you familiarize yourself with using the FileZilla FTP platform.

Once connected through FileZilla, follow these steps:

1. Stop your minecraft server through your multicraft control panel. 

2. Download the relevant plugin .jar file that you want installed onto your server. Here are a useful variety of essential plugins:



Massive Core:






3. Once downloaded, drag the plugin .jar file into the plugins directory of your server files.

4. Restart your server.

Things to note:

- If there is a problem with the plugin it will always display an error message in the console so it is best to refer back to the console regularly.

- Check that the plugin works for your Bukkit version; this can be seen on the plugin's Bukkit page.

- You can find information about permission nodes, configuration options, and extra installation steps on the respective plugin page.

*For advanced plugin assistance, take a look at our Advanced Plugin Help addon.

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