How to Install Forge

How to Install Minecraft Forge on your Minecraft Server.

To install Minecraft Forge onto your server, login to Multicraft, select and stop your server then follow these steps:

1. To install Forge you must download the installer from

2. Choose to download the "Recommended" "Installer". This may not be the latest version but it is the most stable.

3. Make sure to save the file in an easily accessible place (i.e. your desktop) and inside a new empty folder.

4. Right click (on Windows) or crtl and click (on Mac) the file and open it with the "Java (TM) Platform SE binary" or "Jar Launcher".

5. Select "Install Server" then locate the folder you downloaded your Forge jar into by clicking on the button labeled "..."

6. When you have directed the installer to the folder click "OK" and the files will download into the folder.

7. Once downloaded you will receive a confirmation message.

8. Delete the file ending with "installer" or "installer.jar".

9. Rename the file beginning with "minecraftforge-universal-" to "custom.jar" if the file ended with ".jar".

10. At this point open up FileZilla, navigate to the folder you wish to download from and log into your server. 

If you do not know how to do this. Refer to the FileZilla tutorial here.

11. Upload all the files in your Forge folder to your server.

12. Once uploaded navigate to your server in Multicraft and choose custom.jar in the JAR file dropdown.

13. Start your server and if all has been done correctly Forge will install itself and create a mods folder ready for your mods.

You can now install mods to your server. To do so:

1. Navigate to the "mods" folder generated by Forge once you have installed it correctly.

2. Upload the mods here.

3. If you have specific config files you wish to use for you mods return to the server base directory and then navigate to the "config" folder and upload your config files there.

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