How to Reset Your Server

How to completely reset your server's data.

Resetting your server to default is simple, just log into Multicraft select and stop your server then follow these steps:

1. On the left hand side click "Files"

2. Next click "FTP File Access"

3. Login to the FTP panel on the next page, use the same password as you do for Multicraft.

4. Select all of your server files.

5. Once you have your files selected press the "Delete" button at the top of the file list.

6. The next page will ask you to confirm your deletion. Click "Submit"

7. Once this is done start your server and any of the necessary files will automatically regenerate.

If Multicraft does not respond to you after you delete them then it means that Multicraft is still deleting them.

You can also use FileZilla to delete files by selecting them and hitting the delete key. A tutorial on FileZilla can be found here.

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