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Best functional Minecraft mods of September 2020

There are a lot of Minecraft mods out there, but which ones are the best ones and most interesting for you? After searching the internet for some time we have narrowed it down to 10 mods. In this blog, we have looked not for mod’s that add crazy stuff like dinosaurs and ufo’s but rather we have looked for functional mods that help improve your gameplay experience. We will make sure to add a blog about the best Minecraft modpacks soon where you can find some cool and crazy modpacks! 

Top 10 mods

- OptiFine

- ReAuth

- Inventory HUD+

- MyBrightness

- Better Sprinting

- Litematica

- Just Enough Items

- Command Macros

- Xaero’s Minimap

- Light Overlay


OptiFine is of course one of the most popular mods. OptiFine adds many features to your Minecraft experience, not only does it allow you to use shaderpacks and other visual changes it also helps improve performance. Oh, and did you see that? No? Then you can use OptiFine to zoom in!



ReAuth is a handy mod for switching accounts without needing to re-authenticate yourself or restarting your game. Highly recommended for developers that use multiple accounts for testing purposes.

Download ReAuth: //www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/reauth

Inventory HUD+

Displays your armor status and poison effects at any given time, especially handy for people who like to fight on PvP servers so you don’t have to open your inventory to check your armour status mid fighting.



A simple but neat mod that allows you to improve the brightness in-game, comes in handy when you like spending the night outside or when exploring caves and mining. 


Better Sprinting

Another mod that comes in handy with fighting, but also while exploring, this mod allows you to keep sprinting, whatever happens, so run and don’t look back!



One of my favorite mod’s is Litematica, this mod allows you to see a hologram of a build so you know exactly where to place your blocks to construct an awesome build. In this way, you can create something in a creative world and later build it in a survival world to show off. You can also download schematics from other builders.


Just Enough Item

If you’re new to Minecraft you might be overwhelmed by the complexity of the crafting system, this mod helps to guide you through all the recipes!


Command Macros

Use hotkeys to run commands on your server, comes in handy when you run a server, and always need to look up commands or you just don’t wont to go through the trouble of having the enter a command over and over again.


Xaero’s minimap

Always know where you are, and more importantly how to get back? You find yourself getting lost over and over again then you might wanna try out this mod, use waypoints and homes to mark important locations, and impress your friends with your navigation skills...


Light Overlay

This mod show you exactly what area’s light sources cover and more importantly what areas they don’t, this way you can easily see where in your base there is a lack of light sources so you know were those creepers come from. 


Speaking of creepers, BOOM! This blog is over, I hope you enjoyed the read and you can make use of some of this awesome mods. Do you have any personal favorites? Let us know!

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