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Best Minecraft Modpacks of Oktober 2020

Previously we did a blog post about the best functional mods, this blog we will focus on modpacks or in other words the crazy and fun stuff you can add to your Minecraft server!

So, for starters. What are modpacks? Modpacks are a combination of mods that allow you to enjoy new items, creatures, and other crazy stuff in Minecraft.

In this blog post, we will feature our top Minecraft Modpacks for this month.



- CrazyCraft 4

- SevTech: Age

- Pixelmon Generations

- RLCraft

- Farming Valley

- All the Mods 5

- Hexxit

- Space Astronomy 2


CrazyCraft 4

For those people out there that really wanna go crazy this is the best modpack we could find to recommend. I think the creator of the modpack described this modpack the best: "focuses on taking your Minecraft knowledge and throwing it out the window". With 88 mods this is a rather large modpack.

Go crazy and download the modpack using the following link: //voidswrath.com/modpacks/crazy-craft-4-0-official/

SevTech: Ages

If you love progress-based gameplay then you will definitely enjoy this modpack. You start out with nothing and you progress being able to use more and more ores, recipes, items, and more. Also, you while time passes you will advance into new ‘ages’ giving yo access to more mods.  

Nothing for you to invent here, but just download it by clicking this link: //www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/sevtech-ages

Pixelmon Generations

If you’re a pokemon fan then you must try out this mod. Containing all pokemon from Gen 1 all the way through Gen 8. 130 different biomes and 42 naturally spawning creatures there is a lot to explore.

Throw yourself into the world of pokemon and click the following link to download the modpack: //pixelmongenerations.com/


An exciting challenge if you are done with just regular zombies trying to kill you. With this modpack you're more likely to die than ever. But there is also an exciting part to it with new custom mobs, biomes, and cool new items this modpack is not just challenging but also exciting.

Farming Valley

For all the farmers out there this is a layback and chill modpack. In this modpack you progress through the game by farming, harvesting, and selling your crops to local NPCs. You can then purchase more and more things, and so on.

Heeya! Here you go: //www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/farming-valley

All the Mods 5

A collection of over 200 mods. This modpack is coming close to its name. These modpacks contain things like: Science, magic, adventure, farming, and a lot more! If your new to Minecraft modpacks this might be a good one to start. You can explore the different aspects that mods have to offer and maybe later choose a more specific direction.

Download this modpack here: //www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/all-the-mods-5


Are you ready for some adventure? Then try out this modpack! With custom bosses, ruins, artifacts, and a lot more. this modpack allows you to create your own legendary adventure.

Here you go legend: //www.technicpack.net/modpack/hexxit.552552

Space Astronomy 2

This modpack is really out of this world! Science, space, jetpacks, rockets, alien planets, and do I need to keep going? In other words a lot of new worlds and things to explore.

3..2..1.. Ready for the link?: //www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/space-astronomy-2

And that wraps up our list of top modpacks for this month. We hope you’ve seen something here that you want to try out, and we wish you a lot of fun playing these modpacks with your friends. Still, need a server te play on? Check out our awesome services!

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