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How do you get players for your Minecraft server?

You have come up with a great concept for your Minecraft server.You have everything ready to receive players, but do not know how to get these players?In this blog, read our advice on how to get players for your Minecraft server.


For starters it is important to ensure that your mc server is visible and found, one of the ways to do this is to post on various Minecraft forums such as: minecraftforum.net this will ensure that you google can be found and through the community of the Minecraft forum. You can ask other players on the forum to give feedback on your server, for example, or you can simply invite them to come and play on your server.


One of the best known ways to recruit players is through server lists. When you start with this, it is important to first research which server list is best for you, check for yourself which server list you have the best chance of being found. Often the ranking on server lists is determined by so-called votes, for example you can consider giving players certain extras when they vote on your server. With many server lists you can also buy a place at the top, if you have the budget for this, it is definitely worth a try. An example of a server list can be found here: planetminecraft.com/servers (also pay attention to whether you go for an English or Dutch server list, take this into account with your target group).

Word of mouth

The easiest way to get players to your server is word of mouth, this simply means that players also ask their friends to your server. To ensure that this is happening actively, make sure that players are having a good time and it is always important to listen carefully to player feedback. Player satisfaction often determines whether to invite their friends or not. Community building is also very important here. You can also consider rewarding players when they bring new players to your server.

Community building

As we often see in our blogs, community building is important in many ways. Also for acquiring new players, as already pointed out in the previous heading. With this money, make sure that it is easy and accessible for players to get in touch with each other, for example by starting a Discord server or a TeamSpeak server. The moment that players can come into contact with each other, friendships arise which is good for you because it is more likely that players will play together on your server. Also make sure you maintain your community well by, for example, fun events and by always, and always (I can't say this often enough) listen to your players.


Once you have done all of the above, it is important to understand that you are far from done. You will always have to remain active on all fronts and ensure that all information is up to date. Also make sure you fix problems as soon as possible so that players don't get left out. Respond as much as possible to questions from players on forums and Discord, for example. Also provide notifications about certain changes or additions to your server and regularly bring new cool content to your players so that they are always curious about your next update. In other words, keep it up to date!

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