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How do you start a successful Minecraft Server?

In this blog post, we will discuss 7 different things that we think are crucial when starting a successful Minecraft Server.


Before you start its important to find a hosting company that you can build on. Preferably search for a hosting company like WitheNode that will actively support you when setting up and maintaining your server. To decide if a certain company is right for you one of the places to look is Trustpilot, here you van research what active users have to say about a certain hosting company.

2. A unique name

Try to think of a catchy name for your server, and make sure that there is a domain name available to back it up. When you have a domain name you can use it as a replacement for the confusing standard 134.234.324.34:22556 IP-address you get with a Minecraft server and replace it with something like play.yourdomain.com. This makes it a lot easier for your players and makes for a more professional appearance!

3. Visibility

When your server is up and running make sure that it is also visible online. You can do so by posting your server on Minecraft forums and server lists. Also, you can also reward players for promoting your server, be creative with this as there are a lot of different constructions you can use.

4. Donations

Hosting a server is expensive, at a certain point your server will have to pay for itself. Make sure you have a good plan for your server and how it will re-pay itself in the longterm. Also, create fun and create extras for donators. This way paying for your server will be more affordable and in the future may be even profitable!

5. OPTIMalisation

When dealing with a growing service its important to take into account that a larger player count will cause problems at some point. Depending on the type of server you run make sure that you have plugins or other measures in place that will prevent this from happening. At some point, upgrading will also be inevitable so make sure that you upgrade on time!

6. Bungeecord

If you're building a larger server network using Bungeecord is inevitable. Make sure that from the start you have a plan that contains information like how many game modes you want to provide for your players and how many servers you will need for this. We highly recommend starting with a Bungeecord setup from the start.

7. Maintenance 

After your network is up and running you're not nearly done! Make sure to provide new content for your players, and plan new updates that make your players hyped! Also, anticipate Minecraft updates en make use of plugins such as Viaversion and Viabackwards.


Maintaining a server network is hard work, it does however offer a lot of satisfaction when you have an awesome community playing on your server. Make sure you have the right hosting partner from the start and make plans!

Withernode wishes you success with starting your own successful Minecraft Server.

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