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How much GB RAM do I need?

When you are looking for your first server you must have heard of the term ‘RAM’. But what is it? And how much of it do you need for your server? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on things like the number of players, the number of blocks being generated by the server and the number of plugins, etc. In this blog, I will guide you through these questions and ensure that you know how to start your own Minecraft server.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and can be seen as the intern memory of your server. The more RAM, the more processes your server can execute at the same time. Now the question remains how much of this RAM do you need for your server?

How do I determine the amount of RAM I need?

The amount of RAM you need for your server is based on different factors:

• The number of players
• The number of blocks being generated
• Plugins
• Mods 
• The type of Minecraft Server
• And more!

To help you understand this subject better I will give you guys an example. Imagine your server having 10 processes available. Of these 10 processes, 6 are being used by plugins. The remaining 4 processes are being used up by the players on your server. Now one of your players decides to start exploring the Minecraft world and the server starts generating more and more chunks. Eventually, the server cant handle the extra process of generating new chunks and there it is… Lag. What now? Well, you could tell te adventurous explorer to stop exploring, you could consider removing some plugins or you could reduce the number of players that are allowed to access the server at the same time? But do you want this? I guess the answer will be no. So I hope that this short explanation helps you understand the concept of ram a bit better.

Now how do you determine the amount you need? We recommend starting with a basic server, and see how this turns out. If you notice a lot of lag then at Withernode you can easily and quickly upgrade your server while only paying the difference! Do you know in advance that a lot of players will be joining your server or that you will be using a lot of plugins then, of course, you can start with a server that has more RAM.

Using TPS to measure

Nowadays you have a lot of plugins that will show you the TPS of your server. This is useful as sometimes it might not be clear if it's your pc lagging or the server and you might unnecessarily be upgrading your server. So what is TPS? TPS can be seen as the heartbeat of your server, a healthy heartbeat would be considered 20 TPS. Any TPS lower than 20 could be an indication of lag on your server. Do however keep into account that certain events can cause temporary lag such as firing 2000 TNT blocks at the same time. To make sure it's not a one-time event make sure you check your TPS twice at different times. I fit remains below 20 and you experience lag this would be an indication for you to upgrade your server or take other measures.

Withernode is there for you!

Do you want advice about the amount of RAM your server needs from a specialist? Then you can always contact us. We will advise you about what would be the best fit for your server.

Good luck with starting your server!

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