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Takeover WitherNode

Starting at 06-16-2020 Koopjeserver acquired Withernode. Koopjeserver is a Dutch hosting company that's famous for its excellent support and high-quality servers. Besides Minecraft Servers Koopjeserver also offers its game hosting service for games like Ark, Rust, and Terraria.


Since Koopjeserver has grown to be the largest game hosting providers of the Benelux, Koopjeserver now wants to focus its attention on offering their services abroad. Despite this being a big step for Koopjeserver the team is confident in its ability to maintain the same high-quality servers and support.

The Netherlands, England & Germany

As a target for WitherNode, Koopjeserver has set its sights on two countries. Starting with England and the home country; The Netherlands. After these two countries next up in-line; Germany! 

A new guise 

Since the takeover, the Team of Koopjeserver has been working round the clock to put WitherNode into a new Guise. A brand-new website and design were a big part of this change. Despite a lot of this work is now behind us but there are still some things to be done, that why in the nearby future you will be seeing some more changes coming through. We will keep you all in the loop of these changes using our blogs.

Existing customers

Last but not least we would like to give a warm welcome to all the existing customers of WitherNode. By now all of the existing customers have been transferred to the renewed WitherNode without any problems. Our team is very enthusiastic and happy to hear to positive reactions from the existing customers and will continue to give the full 100% to ensure the high standards of Koopjeserver are met.

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