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The advantages of Minecraft hosting

In this blog, we dive deeper into the advantages when hosting your Minecraft server at a Minecraft hosting company. Are you ready?

Instant delivery and 24/7 online 

First of all, it's incredibly easy to set up a Minecraft server through a Minecraft hosting company. With literally a few clicks you can have your own Minecraft server up and running and 24/7 available for all your players! You don’t have to take another look at it if you don’t want to, everything is taken care off. How awesome is that?

Contrary to local hosting on for example your pc. In which case you often need to deal with complicated systems such as Hamachi, to not speak about the fact that the quality of the connection of all players depends on the one person that runs the server on his pc. Also the disadvantage of not being able to play when the host shuts down the pc. Short said, the only real benefit for local hosting your Minecraft server yourself is that it's free’ except energy costs of course.

Easy and one-click installers

Throughout the years Minecraft hosting company’s have kept growing and developing. On this day the famous Multicraft platform is the industry standard for letting players control their own servers. This has become so easy that you don't need any technical knowledge to manage/tweak your server and that doing so can be done by just clicking.

In addition to this, it has also become easier and easier to add additional plugins or mods to your server. Whereat first you had to go to the website where you could download the plugin or mod and then needing to upload the jar file to the server this can now be done with just one click!


If you ever run into trouble with your server, or if you get stuck and need help? Then at WitherNode, we have a team of professionals that will help you lightning-fast and make sure you can continue to run your server hassle-free. Another thing you don't have when you host locally 😉

DDoS protection

Ever had a problem with the infamous DDoS ‘rs? Unfortunately, this is something that you encounter a lot in the Minecraft world. Players who annoy other players or even entire server networks because they disagree with something or lost a game. If you run your Minecraft server locally this can be even more annoying because it might cause your internet connection to stop working.

The advantage of hosting your Minecraft server is that most company’s, WitherNode included are protected from DDOS. This means all servers are protected from these attacks, and the technical experts are always there to deal with any problems.

The best hardware

If you run your server locally then your server will run based on the specs of your computer, your server will never be able to handle more plugins/mods/players then your computer allows. With Minecraft hosting company’s you do not have this problem, you are able to choose your own specs. At WitherNode you can even easily upgrade to extra space for more players hassle-free. Also at WitherNode we always run your Minecraft server on a high-quality server!

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