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What type of Minecraft server should I use?

Minecraft offers many different options when you look at server types. Starting from modded servers to plain and simple vanilla servers. This of course being the reason why Minecraft is so loved by its players. The ability to customize almost everything the way you want!

Which type of Minecraft Servers are there? 

- Vanilla
- Bukkit
- CraftBukkit
- Spigot
- Forge
- Paper
- TacoSpigot
- Glowstone
- BungeeCord
- WaterFall
- FlexPipe 

Now we know what server types exist let's dive into exploring their options!

Minecraft server types 

Vanilla Minecraft server

This is the original server software created by Mojang. The original software however does not allow for much customization or plugins. This server type is mostly used by players who want a more authentic Minecraft experience like playing simple survival with friends. You can download this server type using the following link: //www.minecraft.net/nl-nl/download/server

Bukkit Minecraft server

Bukkit is an API used by developers to code plugins for Minecraft servers. You can find Bukkit using the following link: //www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-maven/

Craftbukkit Minecraft server

Craftbukkit is a slightly modified version of the Minecraft vanilla server. CraftBukkit allows you to use plugins and is also optimized to reduce lag en other problems. You can find CraftBukkit using the following link: //www.spigotmc.org/wiki/buildtools/

Spigot Minecraft Server

Spigot is by far the most popular Minecraft server software in the world. Spigot is a modified version of CraftBukkit with many improvements and optimizations. With this server type, you can also use plugins. You can find Spigot using the following link: //www.spigotmc.org/wiki/buildtools/

Forge Minecraft Server

Forge is known for its mods. The so-called Forge Mods. These mods make for a completely different experience then you are used to. Mods don't work the same as plugins. Were plugins are considered more of an add-on, mods are direct changes to the Minecraft code allowing more changes to be made. You can find Forge by using the following link: //files.minecraftforge.net/  

Paper Minecraft Server

Paper also known as PaperSpigot is made for high-performance. PaperSpigot adds more flexibility and configuration options to Spigot. The downside however is that Paper does cause some problems when looking at its compatibility with plugins. You can find PaperSpigot using the following link: //destroystokyo.com/ci/job/Paper/ 

TacoSpigot Minecraft server

TacoSpigot is even more of an upgrade for PaperSpigot when you look at performance. However, this does go at the cost of even more compatibility issues with plugins. You can find TacoSpigot using the following link: //ci.techcable.net/job/TacoSpigot/   

Glowstone Minecraft Server

Glowstone is a different branch of Minecraft server known for the fact that they do not use any of the code from Mojang. The downside of this is that there are a lot of compatibility issues with plugins. However, Glowstone is one of the fastest Minecraft servers when you look at performance. You can find Glowstone using the following link: //www.glowstone.net/

BungeeCord Minecraft server

BungeeCord is a project from Spigot and one of the must-haves when building a server network. This server type lets you connect multiple servers. This is one of the most used server types by large Minecraft servers. You can find BungeeCord by using the following link: //ci.md-5.net/job/BungeeCord/ 

WaterFall Minecraft Server

WaterFall is a product from the same makers as PaperSpigot, and as you might have guessed this server type is a performance upgrade from BungeeCord, but unfortunately at the cost of compatibility with some plugins. You can find WaterFall by using the following link: //ci.destroystokyo.com/job/Waterfall/ 

FlexPipe Minecraft Server

FlexPipe is an optimized and better-secured version of BungeeCord. However, it does go at the cost of compatibility with plugins. You can find Flexpipe by using the following link: //github.com/minotopiame/FlexPipe 

What type of Minecraft server is the best fit for you?

At Withernode You will find a few of the above-named server types in our Multicraft panel. These server types are the ones that we would recommend to you. However, you are able to use custom jar's to install any of the above-named server software on your server. To give you an indication for what type of server you should use I create the overview below:

Do you want to play survival without any add-ons? 

- Vanilla Minecraft Server

Do you want to have your own server with plugins?

- Spigot

Do you want your own server network?

- BungeeCord 

- Spigot

Do you want to play using mods?

- Forge

All the server types that have not been listed?

All of the remaining server types I would not recommend using unless you know what you are doing. And if you know what you are doing well then you need no further explanation from me. 

I hope that you guys now have a good understanding and idea of what types of Minecraft servers are out there.

Do you already know what type of server you want to run? Check our products and start your own Minecraft server right now! 


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