Our servers are each equipped with two very fast NVMe SSD drives, 6x faster than a regular SSD. We also use Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 processors with a clockspeed up to 4.0GHz and DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz RAM. All of our servers have a 1Gbps uplink and 480Gbps DDoS protection.

We offer Minecraft server hosting in North America and in Europe at the following locations:

  • North America - Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Europe - Gravelines, France

We do not provide free trials, we do however have a 7-day money back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with your services at Withernode, you can request cancellation and submit a ticket with a refund request. If this request is sent within 7 days after placing the order, we will then refund your payment.

Your server will be created instantly once we receive your first payment. All server details you need to get started will be sent to you through e-mail right away. In case your server was not set up automatically, submit a ticket or ask one of our staff members through the live chat.

We use the latest version of the Multicraft panel for all of our Minecraft server hosting packages. Multicraft allows you full control of your server including an online console, FTP access, selecting Multiple jars including custom ones and much more!

Yes, you can use your own jar file! Just upload the file to the base directory of your server and rename it to custom.jar. Then just select "Custom JAR" from the jar dropdown. Save the settings and restart your server and you're ready to go!

Yes, you can! Please submit a ticket to request a transfer to another location. Changing the location of your server will change the IP address.

Please check if you are using the right IP address and including the right port. You should enter your IP address and port in the Minecraft client like this: where is your IP address and 25678 is your port. If you are not including the right port, you may automatically be connected to the server of someone else. If you do not want a port, you can purchase the "dedicated IP" addon.

In order to be able to join your server with the address "play.example.com", you will need to register the domain name "example.com". You can register a domain name at a domain name registrar company, we would recommend NameCheap or GoDaddy for that. Once you have that domain name, you can point it to your server at Withernode using a DNS-record. You can read more about this in our knowledgebase.

After completing your order, you will get an email with your account information. On the bottom of that email, you will see a link to activate the Enjin and Buycraft trials. Enjin and Buycraft trials are included with all of our plans.

We always charge in EUR because this is the main currency in the country Withernode is located (The Netherlands). Pricing on our plans page is provided in multiple currencies with the current conversion rate (updated every hour) to make it easier for you to see what it would cost in your currency. Your payment processor will automatically convert the amount in EUR to the currency you use.

We accept the following types of payment: PayPal, Credit card, Paysafecard, iDeal.

A Dedicated IP is an IP that will be dedicated to your server and won't be shared with other customers. Your server will run on the default port 25565. This means your players can connect to your server without having to enter any port numbers following after the IP address.

Unpaid servers will be switched off 5 days after their due date. The server will stay suspended for 30 days from then, after which the files will be terminated if payment has not been received.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Please check our knowledgebase!