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  • 24/7 outstanding support
  • Your server online immediately
  • 1-Click installers for modpacks & plugins
  • DDoS protection
  • Optimum hardware
  • Mod, plugin and hosting expert

Minecraft server hosting features


The ordering process is quick and easy, enabling you to start playing immediately. Once you have followed the steps through the checkout, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


Extra security for online safety; that is one of our goals. We have every inch of our servers protected against DDoS attacks. We use both automated protection as well as manual check-ups.



Popular modpacks include Sky Factory, RL Craft, Pixelmon and Void’s Wrath. If you feel you’re up for a server change, you can also activate your choice in the settings.

Modpacks & server types

Creating your server with personally chosen modpacks and plugins (supporting Bukkit, Vanilla, Spigot, Paper MC, etc.) is easy. Experience is not required. Our interface enables anyone (from beginners to experts) to select mods with the click of a button. After all, game time is valuable, and you wouldn’t want to waste it on exploring how to install your servers. Just click, install, and play.

Popular modpacks include Sky Factory, RL Craft, Pixelmonn and Void’s Wrath. If you feel you’re up for a server change, you can also activate your choice in the settings. Feel free to ask one of our team members to assist you by creating a support ticket. Whether you have questions about the possibilities or about changing the settings, reach out to us. We understand you’re invested in the game, not waiting for our answers.

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Server types

Your WitherNode advantages at a glance

A short recap of the advantages WitherNode offers valued clients and new registration gamers:

  • 24/7 outstanding support
  • Your server online immediately
  • 1-Click installers for modpacks & plugins
  • DDoS protection
  • Optimum hardware
  • Mod, plugin and hosting expert

We promise you to make your purchase and game experience as flawless as we can. Let us know how we are doing. Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Our promise for an excellent gaming experience!

With a WitherNode hosting pack for Minecraft, you can start creating and gaming with the click of a button. Safe servers, optimum hardware, and personal support at affordable prices for gamers of all ages. Packs are available for Minecraft beginners to die-hard experts.

An uncomplicated checkout process followed by a user-friendly interface for installing the mods of your choice leads you to instant access to your server. This way, you can install your favorite mods with ease. Close the door, set your phone to silent, grab a drink, and get ready for a game! Time of your life guaranteed!

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About the WitherNode team

You can’t run a company with people who don’t understand what they offer. That is why the WitherNode team consists of specials who like nothing better than gaming themselves. They play games during their spare time (and during their lunch break, if they get the chance and the boss isn’t paying close attention…), which means that they know exactly what you need when gaming on your personal Minecraft server.

It’s a knack, but our team keeps on improving and optimizing our services because they want to experience the best hosting service they can. Luckily, our company benefits from it and so do our thousands of happy customers. Join us, so you can benefit from their know-how too.

Our company is located in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. We work very hard every day to ensure your server has the speed you need. Also, we know that support and assistance are crucial to our gaming customers. Reach out to us in Dutch or English, so you have no further questions about how to keep playing and enjoying your Minecraft server.

Meet our expert team

Why choose WitherNode?

With Minecraft, your prime goal is to play unlimited, undisturbed, and hassle-free. Some gamers know exactly what to look out for in a Minecraft server hosting company, others choose their host based on their gut feeling. Consider this section as our effort to inspire your gut feeling.

At WitherNode, we value the connection with each and every user of our servers. That is why we feel obligated to be transparent about our current services and give you insight into our planned efforts for continuous improvements in support and modpacks.

Our servers are located in Europe and North America and maintained and updated by technical experts on a daily basis. We work with premium hardware only that has proved its reliability over the years. Our hardware supports even the largest modpacks and extreme bandwidth for excellent performance without any disturbances.

Minecraft Withernode

Purchasing a pack, setting up your server, and adding modpacks is easy and quick with the user-friendly interface. All the actions are intuitive and self-explanatory and they require no installation experience for you to start gaming soonest.

Our servers support Bukkit, Spigot, PaperMC, Vanilla, Snapshots, PE, Pocketmine. At the simple checkout phase, you can select your server preference (Europe or North America). Switch servers with the click of a button, or ask one of our support team staff to do it for you. That same principle applies to installing modpacks. Choose one from our offer (e.g., Pixelmon, Technic, RLCraft, Void’s Wrath, Sky Factory, and Feed The Beast) or let us install your personal modpack at no extra cost.

24/7 Support
Should you encounter an issue, reach out to us via the support page and open a ticket. We promise to get back to you as long as we’re awake, which is nearly all of the time. We wouldn’t want the delay of our answer to hold you back from instant access or from gaming!

Work in progress
WitherNode’s team always looks for new ways to improve their service. Keeping on top of developments is obvious. It’s the gamer’s second nature. It helps us keep our hardware new and our servers updated and safe. Yet, additional features to facilitate our ongoing expert support to you is another goal for the near future.

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What people say about us

What are the most desirable testimonials a company can get? The experiences satisfied customers describe! We value the time and effort our customers take to write to us about their experiences with WitherNode, especially when they express them in their own words. For that reason, we joined the independent platform Trustpilot.

This dedicated Trustpilot page gives you the opportunity to browse through the reviews our clients have shared. You will find a variety of descriptions of our various services. We are thankful and proud of the 8.6 score (out of 10) we have been given. Please, find several reviews below and see for yourself!